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About Me

Adalovelace.com is owned and loved by C.A. Webb (Wellesley '97; Simmons SOM '06) of Cambridge, MA. 

The Beginning

While I've long revered a lengthy list of bold, badass, world changing women, it actually took a MAN to introduce me to my newest favorite. One day last summer, he sent me this. It sparked something exciting. 

We started with a dinner. A dozen of our friends gathered on Ada Lovelace Day for a math and science inspired menu coupled with poems, toasts, and even PowerPoints devoted to Lady Ada. 

From there, it seemed Ada was everywhere. Covered in the New York Times. Coming up in conversation. The subject of Walter Isaacson's next biography.

We started talking about building an organization that celebrates Ada's creative innovations by spurring more women to do the same. The ideas are still brewing but they got a big push forward when that same man bought me this domain for Christmas. What a gift!